ComprLib Data Manipulation Library

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ComprLib is a C++ data compression library. Update 20040708: A CVS snapshot of ComprLib 2.0 from 2000-06-14 as well as ComprLib 1.0 (including WinCompr) is now available in a Zip archive. If you have any questions contact me. ComprLib is no longer actively maintained; if you came here looking for a portable, high- quality, maintained compression library, I recommend libbzip2 or zlib.

ComprLib Class Hierarchy

I/O Classes

An I/O class is required to compress or decompress data. It must implement the following methods:

Currently ComprLib comes with FileIO and MemoryIO classes, which allow for compression on disk or in memory.

Codec Classes

Codec classes provide algorithms to compress, decompress, encrypt, decrypt, etc. Presently, the following codecs are fully or partially supported:

Lossless Compression:

Lossy Compression

Trivial Encryption


Except where noted, the compression schemes where adopted from publically available sources. The original source is included in the CVS.